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Jiffin Tony Thottan

Red Hat
Senior Software Engineer
Jiffin Tony Thottan is part of the Red Hat Storage Team working as a Senior Software Engineer. Initially part of the NFS team and contributed to GlusterFS , NFS-Ganesha projects. He was an active contributor for both projects worked on implementing different features like nfsv4acls, SELinux support, pNFS etc. He has given presentations about his work in various conferences like FOSDEM, Storage Developer Conference, LinuxCon(now OSS) and VAULT. In 2018 he moved to the Rook project which is the storage provisioner for ceph storage in Kubernetes. His focus is to provide support for the ceph object store aka RGW for applications running on the same. And also working closely with the COSI initiative in the Kubernetes community. (Container Object Storage Interface, similar to CSI for object store)