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Mike Marshall

United States
Mike Marshall was introduced to Unix while a Computer Science student at Clemson University in South Carolina around 1982. Clemson students used an IBM Mainframe at that time, but Mike had a part-time job in the Forestry department where they were using a Radio Shack model 16B running Xenix. Later Mike got a job as a junior VMS systems programmer at Clemson's computer center which luckily coincided with the NSF's funding of the NSFnet. Since Mike knew how to spell Unix he was put in charge of installing Ultrix 1.0 (4.2BSD really) on a VAX and given oversight of "the router thing" that connected Clemson to the NSFnet regional network SURAnet. This lead to years of system administration on multi-user university VAXes running Unix during the explosion of the Internet and all that entailed. That joy-ride began to come to an end in the early 90s when some guy invented a version of Unix that was free and could be loaded onto any old PC. Mike began to transition from sys-admin to development and now is working with Omnibond to help maintain the recently upstreamed Orangefs kernel client.